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Which option is the task of an IGMP Snooping Quenier?

A.    It facilitates populating the group membership tables on IGMP Snooping-enabled switches
B.    It sends PIM-SM messages to all multicast routers
C.    It can limit the number of multicast messages a host receives
D.    It coordinates the election of a mapping agent

Answer: A

Which two actions can you take to prevent routes from becoming stuck in active?(Choose two)

A.    Design the network so that it uses the lowest possible number of quenes
B.    Manually increase the EIGRP metrics on interfaces connected to successors
C.    Use port channeling to aggregate multiple EIGRP interfaces
D.    Increase the EIGRP K values on low-bandwidth interfaces
E.    Increase the time a router waits before it declares routes stuck in active
F.    Increase the Hello timers on all EIGRP interfaces

Answer: AE

Which two statements about MPLS label stack encoding are ture?(Choose two)

A.    The TTL is significant only on the top label
B.    When a device forwards a labeled packet,it must copy the TTL of the outgoing label to the top label
C.    MPLS labels are encoded in little-endian format
D.    When an MPLS label stack undergoes the swap operation,it swaps the top and bottom labels
E.    When a device forwards a labeled packet,it must copy the TTL of the incoming label to the outgoing label

Answer: AC

Which statement is true about trunking?

A.    Cisco switches that run PVST+ do not transmit BPDUs on nonnative VLANs when using a dot1q trunk
B.    DTP only supports autonegotiation on 802.1q and does not support autonegotiation for ISL
C.    DTP is a point-to-point protocol
D.    When removing VLAN 1 from a trunk,management traffic such as CDP is no longer passes in that VLAN

Answer: C

Which command can you enter on an interface so that the interface will notify the sender of a packet that the path is sub-optimal?

A.    ip nhrp set-unique-bit
B.    ip nhrp shortcut
C.    ip nhrp cost 65535
D.    ip nhrp redirect
E.    ip nhrp record

Answer: D

Which two options are required parts of an EEM policy?(Choose two)

A.    exit status
B.    event register keyword
C.    entry status
D.    namespace import
E.    body

Answer: BE

Which option describes the characteristics of a public Infrastructure as a Service cloud service model?

A.    It is a way of delivering cloud-computing infratructure (servers, storage, network, and operating systems) as an on-demand service
B.    It is a cloud service where the underlying hardware is managed by the cloud service provider
C.    It is a cloud-computing platform that facilitaes the creation of web applications without the need to maintain the supporting software application
D.    It is a cloud-computing platform that facilitaes the creation of web applications without the need to maintain the supporting software operating systems

Answer: A

Which option is can example of SaaS?

A.    Google Apps
B.    Amazon AWs
C.    Google App Engine
D.    Microsoft Azure

Answer: A

Which two statements about static routing are ture?(Choose two)

A.    It is highly scalable as networks grow
B.    It reduces configuration errors
C.    It can be implemented more quickly that dynamic routing
D.    It provides better security than dynamic routing
E.    It requires less bandwidth and fewer CPU cycles than dynamic routing protocols

Answer: DE

Which value does VPLS use to make forwarding decisions?

A.    destination IP address of the packet
B.    destination MAC of the Ethernet frame
C.    source IP address of the packet
D.    source MAC of the Ethernet frame

Answer: B

Which three configuration settings must match for switches to be in the same MST region?(Choose three)

A.    password
B.    region name
C.    VLAN-to-instance assignment
D.    revision number
E.    VLAN names
F.    domain name

Answer: BCD

Which two statements about IPv6 multicast address are true?(Choose two)

A.    An IPv6 host must join the solicited-node multicast group for every unicast and anycast address on the node
B.    IPv6 routers update their routing tables when they receive a redirect message on a segment
C.    Solicited-node multicast addresses are based on the lower-order 24 bits of the unicast or anycast address
D.    They perform neighbor unreachability detection only for neighbors that send multicast packets
E.    Neighbors respone to solicitation messages by sending Router Advertisement message
F.    They use UDP packets to perform neighbor unreachability detection

Answer: AC

Which type of access list allows granular session filtering for upper-level protocols?

A.    reflexive access lists
B.    context-based access lists
C.    content-based access lists
D.    extended access lists

Answer: A

In which scenario can asymmetric routing occur?

A.    redundant routers running VRRP
B.    active/standby firewall setup
C.    active/active firewall setup
D.    single path in and out of the network

Answer: C

Which three of the following secrity controls would you take into consideration when implementing IoT capabilities?(Choose three)

A.    Layered Security Approach
B.    Place security above functionality
C.    Define lifecycle controls for IoT devices
D.    Privacy Impact Assessment
E.    Change passwords every 90 days
F.    Implement Intrusion Detection Systems on IoT devices

Answer: ACD

A network engineer enables OSPF on a Frame Relay WAN connection to various remote sites,but no OSPF adjacencies come up.Which two actions are possible solutions for this issue?(Choose two)

A.    Change the network type to nonbroadcast multipoint access
B.    Configure the neighbor command under OSPF process for each remote site
C.    Ensure that the OSPF process number matches among all remote sites
D.    Enable virtual links
E.    Change the network type to point-to-multipoint under WAN interface

Answer: BE

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