This page was exported from Lead2pass Exams [ ] Export date:Mon Jul 13 5:22:55 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017 New] 2017 Exam 200-310 Dumps From Lead2pass Cover All New 200-310 New Questions (101-120) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 June Cisco Official New Released 200-310 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! providing 100% 200-310 exam passing guarantee with real exam questions. We are providing here outstanding braindumps for your 200-310 exam. With the Help of our exam dumps you can get more than 95%. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 101A network engineer is attempting to separate routing domains using a virtualization technology. What protocol can be configured to perform this task? A.    VLANB.    VSANC.    VRFD.    VPCAnswer: C QUESTION 102What device virtualization technology allows for a single point of management and a centralized routing instance? A.    ACEB.    VSSC.    VDCD.    VM Answer: B QUESTION 103What two performance considerations must be taken into account when designing a remote worker access solution? (Choose two.) A.    simultaneous VPN connectionsB.    port densityC.    throughput capacityD.    packet sizeE.    latency Answer: AC QUESTION 104In which network location should an external DNS server be placed? A.    campus data centerB.    enterprise branchC.    internetD.    remote access Answer: C QUESTION 105What submodule is found within the Enterprise Edge module? A.    enterprise WANB.    remote branchC.    campus IPSD.    building distribution Answer: A QUESTION 106A company requires a managed WAN solution that supports Layer 2 adjacency across remote offices for applications and services. What solution should be selected? A.    DMVPNB.    MPLSC.    VPLSD.    FR Answer: C QUESTION 107A circuit order has been placed for Gigabit Ethernet and is 80KM from the carrier equipment. What type of SFP will be required? A.    TXB.    SXC.    ZXD.    LX Answer: C QUESTION 108Which Cisco security mechanism has the attributes listed below? - it is a sensor appliance- it searches for potential attacks by capturing and analyzing traffic- it is a "purpose-built device"- it is installed passively- it introduces no delay or overhead A.    IKEB.    PIXC.    HIPSD.    NIDSE.    HMAC Answer: D QUESTION 109A secure WAN design requires dynamic routing and IP multicast. What two VPN protocols meet these requirements? (Choose two.) A.    Standard IPsecB.    P2P GRE over IPsecC.    DMVPND.    AnyConnectE.    PPTPF.    Easy VPNG.    SSL/TLS Answer: BC QUESTION 110What branch design supports 100 to 1000 users and integrates ASA firewalls? A.    smallB.    mediumC.    largeD.    extra large Answer: C QUESTION 111A network engineer is designing an enterprise managed VPN solution for a large number of remote offices that do not have on-site IT support and communicate only with the home office.What type of VPN solution should be implemented? A.    VPLSB.    GREC.    IPsecD.    EVPNE.    DMVPNF.    SSL client Answer: D QUESTION 112A remote office has a T1 WAN link to headquarters and a T1 Internet connection. The client requests WAN redundancy to headquarters with similar bandwidth. What two connection types satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.) A.    Secondary T1 WAN circuitB.    ISDN BRIC.    IPSec Tunnel over the InternetD.    DWDM lE.    POTS Line T1 WAN Answer: AC QUESTION 113What two features are advantages of adding a secondary WAN link at the enterprise edge? (Choose two.) A.    provides additional bandwidth and load balancing capabilitiesB.    acts as a backup link in event the primary link failsC.    reduces capital and operational costsD.    improves security and prevents against denial of service attacksE.    distributes traffic proactively based on link utilization Answer: AB QUESTION 114What technology can secure data over an insecure medium and provide WAN redundancy in the event of a primary connection failure? A.    virtual private networkB.    shadow PVCC.    dial-up ISDND.    GRE Tunnel Answer: A QUESTION 115A client wants to consolidate applications that are currently housed at multiple sites to a remote data center. What two design requirements are unique to this scenario? (Choose two.) A.    bandwidthB.    securityC.    latencyD.    storageE.    availability Answer: AC QUESTION 116What IPv4 addressing technique allows for the division of addresses into subnets of different sizes? A.    VLSMB.    RIRC.    CIDRD.    NAT Answer: A QUESTION 117An organization is conducting an evaluation on the migration to IPv6 within the enterprise network and has requested clarification on recommended migration strategies. What three migration models would accomplish the organization's goal? (Choose three.) A.    Dual StackB.    Service BlockC.    Top-DownD.    HybridE.    TunneledF.    Fork-Lift Answer: ABD QUESTION 118An application uses broadcast traffic to send data to IPv4 hosts. How can the application communicate using IPv6? A.    AnycastB.    UnicastC.    BroadcastD.    Multicast Answer: A QUESTION 119What significant advantage does EIGRP have over OSPF? A.    easy summarizationB.    shorter convergence timesC.    single area operationD.    low processor utilization Answer: B QUESTION 120What routing protocol requires full mesh between internal peers in an enterprise network? A.    OSPFB.    EIGRPC.    BGPD.    ISISE.    RIP Answer: C is best place to prepare your 200-310 exam with 100% reliable study guide. We are providing free sample questions here so you can check our study guide quality. 200-310 new questions on Google Drive: 2017 Cisco 200-310 exam dumps (All 326 Q&As) from Lead2pass: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-06-28 03:42:07 Post date GMT: 2017-06-28 03:42:07 Post modified date: 2017-06-28 03:42:07 Post modified date GMT: 2017-06-28 03:42:07 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from