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An application uses Windows Azure Table storage.
The application uses five tables.
One table used by the application is approaching the limit for storage requests per second.
You need to recommend an approach for avoiding data access throttling.
What should you recommend?

A.    Use a single partition key for the table.
B.    Compress data before storing it in the table.
C.    Create additional partition keys for the table.
D.    Continually remove unnecessary data from the table.

Answer: C

A Windows Azure application retrieves data from SQL Azure.
You need to recommend an approach for improving application query performance.
What should you recommend?

A.    Create a database view to retrieve the data.
B.    Use a clustered index on the SQL Azure database tables.
C.    Open a new database connection when an operation times out.
D.    Create SQL Azure database table indexes based on application queries.

Answer: D

You are developing a Windows Azure application in which a web role and worker role will communicate by using a Windows Azure Queue.
You need to recommend an approach for ensuring that the worker role does not attempt to process any message more than three times.
What should you recommend?

A.    Appropriately handle poison messages.
B.    Decrease the visibility timeout for messages.
C.    Reduce the time-to-live interval for messages in the queue.
D.    Increase the number of worker role instances reading messages from the queue.

Answer: A
Poison message support Yes Yes
To find “poison” messages in Windows Azure Queues, when dequeuing a message the application examines the DequeueCount property of the message. If DequeueCount is above a given threshold, the application moves the message to an application-defined “dead letter” queue.

You are designing a Windows Azure application.
The application includes processes that communicate by using Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) services.
The WCF services must support streaming.
You need to recommend a host for the processes and a WCF binding.
Which two actions should you recommend?
(Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Host the processes in web roles.
B.    Host the processes in worker roles.
C.    Use NetTcpBinding for the WCF services.
D.    Use WSHttpBinding for the WCF services.

Answer: BC

You are designing a Windows Azure application that will use a worker role.
The worker role will create temporary files.
You need to recommend an approach for creating the temporary files that minimizes storage transactions.
What should you recommend?

A.    Create the files on a Windows Azure Drive.
B.    Create the files in Windows Azure local storage.
C.    Create the files in Windows Azure Storage page blobs.
D.    Create the files in Windows Azure Storage block blobs.

Answer: B

You are evaluating a Windows Azure application.
The application uses one instance of a web role.
The role instance size is set to Medium.
The application does not use SQL Azure.
You have the following requirements for scaling the application:

– Maximize throughput.
– Minimize downtime while scaling.
– Increase system resources.

You need to recommend an approach for scaling the application.
What should you recommend?

A.    Set up vertical partitioning.
B.    Set up horizontal partitioning.
C.    Increase the number of role instances.
D.    Change the role instance size to Large.

Answer: C

You are designing a Windows Azure web application.
The application will be accessible at a standard cloudapp.net URL.
You need to recommend a DNS resource record type that will allow you to configure access to the application through a custom domain name.
Which type should you recommend?

A.    A
C.    MX
D.    SRV

Answer: B

You have an Azure subscription.
You can create an Azure Active Directory(Azur AD) tenant named Tenant1
You need to configure the integration of Tenant1 and Google Apps.
You perform the required configuration on the google apps tenant.
Which three actions should you perform from the Azure Management Portal? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Configure directory integration.
B.    Enable application integration
C.    Add a custom domain.
D.    Configure Single-Sign On (SSO)
E.     Add a multi-factor authentication provider.

Answer: ABD

You have an Azure subscription that contains a storage account named STOR1 and a container name CONTAINER1.
You need to monitor read access for the blobs inside CONTAINER1.
The monitoring data must be retained for 10 days.
What should you do?

A.    Run the Set-AzureStorageServiceMetricsProperty cmdlet.
B.    Run the New-AzureStorageBlobSASToken Cmdlet.
C.    Run the Set-AzureStorageServiceLoggingProperty cmdlet.
D.    Edit the blob properties of CONTAINER1.

Answer: C

You deploy an Azure web app named contosoApp.ContosoApp is available by using HTTP or HTTPS.
You need to ensure that a web administrator receives an email notification if the average responce time for contosoAPP exceeds 50 milliseconds.
Which two tasks should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Create an HTTPS monitoring endpoint.
B.    Create a metric.
C.    Create a rule.
D.    Create an HTTP monitoring endpoint.
E.     Add a multi-factor authentication provider.

Answer: BD

You have an Azure subscription that has a virtual machine named VM1.
VM1 runs a line-of-business application named APP1.
You create two additional virtal machines named VM2 and VM3 to host APP1.
You need to ensure that there is always at least one virtual machine online to hostApp1.
Which command should you run? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.

A.    Export-AzureVM
B.    Get-AzureaffinityGroup
C.    Get-AzureEndPoint
D.    Get-AzureVM

Answer: D

Drag and Drop Question
You are the server administrator for several on-premises systems.
You need to back up all the systems to the cloud by using Azure Backup.
In which order should you perform the actions? To answer, move all actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.




For development purposes, you deploy several virtual machines in an Azure subscription.
Developers report that the virtual machines fail to access each other.
You export the virtual network configuration for the subscription as shown in the following output.


You need to modify the network configuration to resolve the connection issue.
What should you modify?

A.    the IP address range of Subnet-1
B.    the IP address range of the gateway subnet.
C.     the IP address of the DNS server
D.    the site of the virtual network

Answer: C

You have an Azure subscription.
You create an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named Tenant1 that has a domain name of tenant1.onmicrosoft.com. You need to add the contoso.com domain name to Tenant1.
Which DNS record should you add to the contoso.com zone to be able to verify from Azure whether you own the contoso.com domain?

A.    standard alias (CNAME)
B.    mail exchanger (MX)
C.    host (AAAA)
D.    signature (SIG)

Answer: A

You purchase an Azure subscription.
You plan to deploy an application that requires four Azure virtual machines (VMs).
All VMs use Azure Resource Management (ARM) mode.
You need to minimize the time that it takes for VMs to communicate with each other.
What should you do?

A.    Create a multi-site virtual network.
B.    Create a regional virtual network.
C.    Create a site-to-site virtual network.
D.    Add the VMs to the same affinity group.

Answer: D

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