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Which of the following would be used to connect a singlemode fiber cable to a CAT6 connection?

A.    Media converter
B.    T1-crossover
C.    Multimode cable
D.    Coaxial

Answer: A
Media converters support many different data communication protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1/J1, DS3/E3, as well as multiple cabling types such ascoax, twisted pair, multi-mode and single-mode fiber optics.

Users have been stating that they need to logon to too many applications and web apps with different credentials that use different rule sets. Which of the following would BEST address these concerns?

A.    Alter the domain account login policies to reflect the most common application rule sets.
B.    Ensure that the user accounts are properly configured in domain services.
C.    Implement a software solution that facilitates single sign-on authentication.
D.    Increase the time between mandatory password changes by a factor of three.

Answer: C
Asingle signonpermits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications

A network consultant arrives at a customer’s site to troubleshoot their email server. The server is running a Linux operating system, but the consultant is only familiar with Windows operating systems. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the consultant take?

A.    Document findings
B.    Identify the problem
C.    Escalate the problem
D.    Establish a plan of action

Answer: C
It is better to escalate the problem if you are not aware of the situation as it saves downtime and keeps customer happy.

A network administrator is adding 24 – 802.3af class 2 VoIP phones and needs to purchase a single PoE switch to power the phones. Which of the following is the MINIMUM PoE dedicated wattage the switch supports to power all of the phones at full power?

A.    96W
B.    168W
C.    240W
D.    369.6W

Answer: B
The switch supports 168W to power all the phones at full power.

Ann, a client, shares half of a rectangular floor plan with another company and wishes to set up a secure wireless network. The installed antenna limits the signal to her half of the floor. Through analysis, the frequency and channels of surrounding wireless networks have been determined and configuration changes made accordingly. Which of the following would be the NEXT step in setting up this secure wireless network?

A.    Decrease signal strength on the antenna
B.    Change the wireless channel on the WAP
C.    Change the device placement to further obfuscate the signal
D.    Set up encryption on the WAP and clients

Answer: D
The encryption will help the clients and server to uniquely identify themselves in an interfering environment.

A small office client is requesting a network redesign. Both wired and wireless devices must connect to the network. All of the wireless devices can communicate using the latest standards. The building has a long courtyard in the middle with reinforced walls, which extends up through all the floors. The distance from the switch to the furthest drop is 88 meters. Which of the following is the correct network redesign choice?

A.    Fiber optic cabling is necessary due to distance limitations.
B.    The wireless network should be 802.11b due to equipment limitations.
C.    One WAP will be sufficient to provide wireless coverage to the floor.
D.    The wired network should be run with at least CAT6 cabling.

Answer: D
Explanation: The Category 6 cable, also known as Cat-6, is backward compatible with the Category 5/5 e and Category 3 cable standards. It can create a high speed computer network and operate at an optimal performance if other components in the network are compatible with gigabit speeds.
Advantage: Speed and Performance
The cable can handle speed performance of up to 250 MHZ. This fast performance makes it
possible to use with a fast ethernet network including Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. The whole generation of the Cat 6 cable was introduced to complement the Gigabit Ethernet which includes interface cards, patch panels, routers, switches, and other components which is developed to achieve a full gigabit network. Many IT professionals realized that the Cat 6 cable provide very fast network performance and can deliver gigabit speeds.
Advantage: Similar Structure with Cat 5 Cable
Cat 6 cable has a similar structure to the Cat 5 and Cat 5e. The Cat 6, Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables have 8 wires that are twisted together to form four pairs. The difference is that one pair of the wires in the Cat 6 cable is kept from contacting with others so that it can produce double the bandwidth of the Cat 5 and Cat 5e.
Advantage: Backward Compatible
The plug and port of the Cat 6 cable is the same as the Cat 5 and Cat 5e. Therefore, it can be plugged into any port or connection that supports both of those cables. If you use the Cat 5 port, it will not yield the full speed that it is capable of handling. Instead, it will operate at the speed of the computer or cable. However, the speed will be acceptable.
Advantage: Upgradable
If upgrading to a more optimal network, the Cat 6 cable should be included in part of the upgrade. The Cat 6 cable will not operate at the full speed if other units in the network does not support gigabit speeds. Small businesses that are starting should consider installing the Cat 6 cable since it is becoming the industry standard.

An administrator needs to open ports in the firewall to support both major FTP transfer modes. Which of the following default ports was MOST likely opened? (Select TWO)

A.    20
B.    21
C.    22
D.    23
E.    25
F.    53

Answer: AB
FTP use both port 21 and 20 (port 21 for the command port and port 20 for the data).

Which of the following allows an administrator to reference performance and configuration information if there is a problem on the network?

A.    Wire schemes
B.    Change management
C.    Network diagrams
D.    System baselines

Answer: D
System baseline is the record line or changes record that administrator keep to match the effect after new configuration with previous configuration.

Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations represent a broadcast address? (Select TWO).


Answer: CE
A broadcast address is a logical address at which all devices connected to a multiple-access communications network are enabled to receive datagrams. A message sent to a broadcast address is typically received by all network-attached hosts, rather than by a specific host. Reference:http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Network-and-Broadcast-Address

Which of the following networking devices can exist at several layers of the OSI model at the same time? (Select TWO).

A.    Switch
B.    Cable
C.    Repeater
D.    Router
E.    Bridge
F.    Hub

Answer: AD
A Multilayer Switch and Router work from OSI layer 2, 3 or 4 to IP DSCP (if IP packet) and/or VLAN IEEE 802.1p.

Which of the following is a path vector routing protocol?

A.    RIP
C.    ISIS
D.    OSPF
E.    BGP

Answer: E
BecauseBGP involves a table of IP networks or “prefixes” which designate network reachability among autonomous systems (AS).

Which of the following routing protocols utilizes the DUAL algorithm for determining best path?

B.    RIPv2
C.    OSPF
D.    RIP

Answer: A
Diffusing Update Algorithm guarantees loop-free operation and provides a mechanism for fast convergence.

Which of the following devices is utilized to ensure traffic does not become congested while traveling over redundant links?

A.    Access control list
B.    Load balancer
C.    Content filter
D.    Proxy server

Answer: B
Load balancingis a computer networking method for distributing workloads across multiple computing resources, such as computers, a computer cluster, network links, central processing units or disk drives. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any one of the resources.

Which of the following devices can be utilized to monitor and block websites accessible by a company?

A.    WINS server
B.    DNS server
C.    Content filter
D.    Reverse proxy

Answer: C
On the Internet, content filtering (also known asinformation filtering) is the use of a program to screen and exclude from access or availability Web pages or e-mail that is deemed objectionable. Content filtering is used by corporations as part of Internet firewall computers and also by home computer owners, especially by parents to screen the content their children have access to from a computer.

The network interface layer of the TCP/IP model corresponds with which of the following layers of the OSI model? (Select TWO).

A.    Transport layer
B.    Network layer
C.    Session layer
D.    Physical layer
E.    Presentation layer
F.    Data link layer

Answer: DF
The lowest layer of the OSI Reference Model is the physical layer, which is responsible for the “nitty gritty” details of transmitting information from one place to another on a network. The layer just above the physical layer is the data link layer, called the network interface layer or just the link layer in the TCP/IP architectural model. Its primary job is to implement networks at the local level, and to interface between the hardware-oriented physical layer, and the more abstract, software- oriented functions of the network layer and those above it.

Which of the following BEST describes the definition of DHCP?

A.    DHCP is utilized to dynamically lease IP addresses to hosts.
B.    DHCP is utilized to statically lease IP address to hosts.
C.    DHCP is utilized to permanently lease IP address dynamically to hosts.
D.    DHCP is utilized to permanently lease IP address statically to hosts.

Answer: A
Because DHCP server maintains a database of available IP addresses and configuration information. When the server receives a request from a client, the DHCP server determines the network to which the DHCP client is connected, and then allocates an IP address or prefix that is appropriate for the client, and sends configuration information appropriate for that client

Multiple servers’ IP addresses fall within the DHCP scope assigned by the administrator. Which of the following should be implemented to ensure these static IP addresses are not assigned to workstations?

A.    The administrator should create exclusions for the workstations IP addresses.
B.    The administrator should change the servers to utilize DHCP to obtain IP addresses.
C.    The administrator should change the workstations to utilize static IP addresses.
D.    The administrator should create exclusions for the servers IP addresses.

Answer: D
Whenever you define the ip pool from which IP addresses are to be dynamically assigned to the users then in order to avoid assignment of static ip address we can creat exclusion for the static ip addresses so that they are not assigned to any other host and this is how we can avoid ip address conflict on the network.

The network administrator has been tasked to create a network segment where resources can be placed for public web access. Which of the following should be implemented?

A.    DMZ
B.    Honeynet
C.    PAT
D.    Port security

Answer: A
In computer security, a DMZ is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an
organization’s external-facing services to a larger and untrusted network, usually the Internet.

A network administrator has been tasked to deploy a new WAP in the lobby where there is no power outlet. Which of the following options would allow the network administrator to ensure the WAP is deployed correctly?

A.    QoS
B.    Install 802.11n WAP
C.    PoE
D.    Parabolic antenna

Answer: C
Power over EthernetorPoEdescribes any of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wirelessaccesspoints or IP cameras.

A network administrator tests a multimode fiber cable from end-to-end on a new link that is down and notices that the dB loss is -.09. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    TXRX reversed
B.    dB loss too high
C.    dB loss too low
D.    Bad connectors

Answer: A
Some Ethernet switches support medium dependent interface crossover (MDIX),which allows a switch port to properly configure its leads as transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx) leads. You can interconnect such switches with a straight-through cable (as opposed to a crossover cable). However, if a network device does not support MDIX, it needs an appropriate cable (that is, a crossover cable ) to allow its Tx leads to connect to the Rx leads on a connected device, and vice versa.
Therefore, care must be taken when selecting cable types interconnecting network components.

A technician is reviewing the following company diagram to determine proper connectivity settings:


Which of the following device configurations is out of specifications?

A.    LaptopC
B.    ServerE
C.    LaptopB
D.    ServerA
E.    PC1

Answer: D
no legitimate Category 6e standard exists

A technician is reviewing the following aggregated information on a server to determine the cause of a user’s connection problem:

Which of the following is the technician reviewing?

A.    Syslog server logs
B.    Application logs
C.    Network sniffer logs
D.    SNMPv2 queries

Answer: A
Syslog server logs are the logs that are saved on a system whenever an instance happens of the wireless device. Reviewing the logs can help him understand the behavior of the WAP as well as the client.

When a packet that is entering a switch port is encapsulated, which of the following is the switch performing?

A.    802.1q
B.    Collision avoidance
C.    Port mirroring
D.    STP

Answer: A
Encapsulation is the term associated with 802.1q which is enabled by default on many devices.

A technician has been dispatched to investigate an issue where several users in the same aisle have stated they have had no network connection for over an hour. When the technician gets there, the network seems to be up and running. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A.    Ask the users for more information, such as which applications were not functioning.
B.    Power-cycle the switch that the users share to clear out cached DNS records.
C.    Escalate the issue to the network administrator to have their domain credentials reset.
D.    Close and document the service call, as there was no actual issue affecting the users.

Answer: A
Because the system was up and running when the technician reached there, he can ask for applications that were not working or can ask for more information so that he can isolate the problem. Power cycling will not help because the system is already up and recycling can wipe out logs. Escalation will also not help because the system is now up and running. Closing the call will be unfair because the same instance can occur again.

A technician has been dispatched to investigate connectivity problems of a recently renovated office. The technician has found that the cubicles were wired so that the network cables were run inside the conduit with the electrical cabling. Which of the following would MOST likely resolve the connectivity issue?

A.    Power-cycle the computers and switches to re-establish the network connection.
B.    Re-run the network cabling through the ceiling alongside the lights to prevent interference.
C.    Test the wiring in the network jacks for faults using a cable verifier.
D.    Re-run the network cabling so that they are 12 inches or more away from the electrical lines.

Answer: D
The electric cables create electric field around them and can interrupt in internet connectivity as well. It is quite possible that this is the cause which is creating the connectivity issue.

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