This page was exported from Lead2pass Exams [ ] Export date:Tue Oct 13 17:35:42 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Lead2pass New] Free Lead2pass Cisco 200-310 PDF Dumps With The Latest Update Exam Questions (321-340) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 October Cisco Official New Released 200-310 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Lead2pass 200-310 latest updated braindumps including all new added 200-310 exam questions from exam center which guarantees you can 100% success 200-310 exam in your first try! Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 321 Which application can provide AAA services for Cisco Devices? A.    IP SLA B.    Cisco TrustSec C.    TACACS+ D.    Cisco FirePOWERAnswer: C QUESTION 322 Why would an engineer implement variable length subnet masks? A.    To make a subnet public B.    To prevent wasting IP addresses C.    To make a subnet its own VLAN D.    To expand an existing subnet Answer: B QUESTION 323 Which option characterizes normal traffic flow and performance of a network? A.    Utilization B.    Baseline C.    Availability D.    Bandwidth Answer: A QUESTION 324 Refer to the exhibit. When a VSS configuration is reviewed,it is determined that the nodes are not detecting each other. Which option is the issue with the switches?   A.    The Switch virtual domains incorrect B.    The switches have not been restarted after the VSS configuration application C.    Additional port-channel links are required D.    10GB Ethernet must be confirmed Answer: A QUESTION 325 Based on best practices , which QoS profile should be configured on the WLAN of the WLC for wireless VoIP communications? A.    Platinum B.    Gold C.    Bronze D.    Silver Answer: A QUESTION 326 What does IGMP stand for? A.    Internet Group Management Protocol B.    Interior Gateway Routing Protocol C.    Interior Group Management Protocol D.    Interior Gateway Media Protocol Answer: A QUESTION 327 ISDN is short for Integrated Services Digital Network. Under what category of WAN technologies does ISDN belong? A.    Cell-switched B.    Circuit-switched C.    Packet-switched D.    Leased lines Answer: B QUESTION 328 As a network engineer, can you tell me accounting management on a network-management system allows a network manager to perform which function? A.    Assess the network's effectiveness and throughput B.    Charge back to users for network resources C.    Performance management D.    Identify problem areas in the network Answer: B QUESTION 329 Which address type is A.    Unicast B.    Anycast C.    Multicast D.    Broadcast Answer: C QUESTION 330 Refer to the exhibit. Which layer is the distribution layer?   A.    Layer A B.    Layer B C.    Layer C D.    Layers A and B form a consolidated core and distribution layer Answer: B QUESTION 331 What is the length of the key used with Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)? A.    64 bits B.    168 bits C.    128 bits D.    56 bits Answer: B QUESTION 332 A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network, which is the linking of two or more computers or devices without using wires. How are wireless LANs identified? A.    Service Set Identifier (SSID) B.    Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) C.    IP network D.    Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key Answer: A QUESTION 333 Observe the following options, what is the hierarchy for IPv6 aggregatable addresses? A.    Global, site, loop B.    Multicast, anycast, unicast C.    Public, site, interface D.    Internet, site, interface Answer: C QUESTION 334 Which IGP protocol is a common choice to EIGRP and OSPF as a routing protocol for large networks? A.    RIPv2 B.    IS-IS C.    IGRP D.    OSPFv2 Answer: B QUESTION 335 Which type of routing protocol will be used when connecting to an Internet service provider? A.    Classless routing protocol B.    Exterior gateway protocol C.    Interior gateway protocol D.    Classful routing protocol Answer: B QUESTION 336 Which routing protocol is classful? A.    Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) and OSPF B.    Routing Information Protocol Version 1 (RIPv1) and RIPv2 C.    IGRP and RIPv1 D.    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Answer: C QUESTION 337 Which attack type would you expect on segments that have many servers for some well-known applications? A.    Trojan horses B.    DoS attacks C.    Application-layer attacks D.    Password attacks Answer: C QUESTION 338 Which types of communicating devices compose RMON architecture ?(choose two) A.    Router B.    Switch C.    Management station D.    Monitor Answer: CD QUESTION 339 Which FCAPS function includes finding network problems that reduce availability? A.    Security management B.    Accounting management C.    Fault management D.    Performance management Answer: C QUESTION 340 What is the name of the organization that is in charge of creating the FCAPS architecture? A.    ISP B.    IOS C.    ITU-T D.    IEEE Answer: C Lead2pass regular updates of Cisco 200-310 dumps, with accurate answers, keeps the members one step ahead in the real 200-310 exam. 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