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When reading a radiation pattern for an antenna, at which two drops in signal and power is the beamwidth measured? (Choose two.)

A.    3 dB
B.    6 dB
C.    9 dB
D.    10 dB
E.    1/2 power
F.    1/4 power
G.    1/8 power
H.    1/10 power

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer needs the far end of a wireless bridge to receive at -45dBM.


Based on the diagram, what value in dBm must the transmitter use to send to achieve the desired result?

A.    -118
B.    -28
C.    -20
D.    20
E.    28
F.    118

Answer: E

When calculating the link budget for a wireless point-to-point bridge, the engineer notices that one antenna has its gain marked as 2.85 dBd. With a 20-mW access point and 3-dBi loss for the cable, what is the approximate EIRP?

A.    15 dBm
B.    18 dBm
C.    22 dBm
D.    25 dBm

Answer: A

Due to the terrain, a deployment requires a point-to-point wireless bridge to allow for network connectivity to a remote building. What 5GHz band would permitted to use the highest power in the U.S.?

A.    U-NII-3
B.    U-NII-2 Extended
C.    U-NII-2
D.    U-NII-1

Answer: A

A wireless engineer is designing a network for the London branch of a company. Which 5-GHz band allows the branch to use the highest EIRP?

A.    2.4-GHz ISM
B.    UNII-1
C.    UNII-2
D.    UNII-2 Extended

Answer: D

When using OFDM, how many subcarriers are devoted to carrying data?

A.    4
B.    12
C.    44
D.    48
E.    52

Answer: D

A company has all IEEE 802.11a/802.11g devices; however, its network administrator recommends installing 802.11n access points to provide greater performance. Which feature on an 802.11n AP provides better performance to legacy devices?

A.    channel aggregation
B.    transmit beam-forming
C.    maximal-ratio combining
D.    spatial multiplexing

Answer: B

When roaming between APs in an ESS, which value changes?

B.    SSID
C.    VLAN
D.    IP range

Answer: A

A customer is concerned about ease of wireless management.
Which deployment model requires the highest administrative overhead to deploy and manage?

A.    autonomous
B.    local mode
C.    cloud
D.    converged

Answer: A

Which architecture is used to divide the roles between the access point and the WLC when deploying a centralized wireless solution?

A.    Split MAC
D.    Local MAC

Answer: A

An autonomous AP maps the SSID to what on the wired network?

B.    VLAN
C.    QoS tag
D.    SG tag

Answer: B

A customer is expecting wireless traffic in excess of 20 Gbps to traverse a single controller. Which wireless controller model fulfills this requirement?

A.    Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller
B.    Cisco Wireless Services Module 2
C.    Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller
D.    Cisco 8510 Wireless Controller
E.    Cisco 5500 Wireless Controller
F.    Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller

Answer: A

An engineer is connecting a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller that must connect to an out-of-band management network for management only. Which two options should be used for the port on the WLC and the cable type? (Choose two.)

A.    service port
B.    redundancy port
C.    console port
D.    distribution system port
E.    straight through cable
F.    crossover cable
G.    console cable

Answer: AE

A user is unable to access a lobby administration web page when using a wireless laptop; however, the user can access the page with a wired desktop computer. Which management feature needs to be enabled on the WLC to allow laptop access?

A.    management via wireless
B.    dynamic interface management
C.    HTTP
F.    SSH

Answer: A

In version 8.0 code for CUWN, what interface can be assigned an IPv6 address?

A.    management
B.    dynamic
C.    AP-manager
D.    virtual
E.    service-port

Answer: A

A network engineer is configuring a WLC running Cisco AireOS for a company that uses IPv6. Which two interfaces can be configured with an IPv6 address? (Choose two.)

A.    management
B.    dynamic
C.    AP manager
D.    redundancy
E.    service

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is testing client connectivity and is unable to transmit or receive at IEEE 802.11n high throughput rates. Which two Layer 2 security configurations allow the client to successfully connect at 802.11n rates? (Choose two.)


A.    WPA2-AES 802.1x
C.    WPA-TKIP 802.1x
D.    Open
E.    802.1x

Answer: AD

An engineer is deploying an autonomous AP, and the customer requests that all IEEE 802.11b data rates be disabled on the AP. Which interface must be amended to disable the 802.11b data rates on a Cisco Aironet 1252 Series Access Point?

A.    Dot11radio0
B.    Dot11radio1
C.    GigabitEthernet0
D.    BVI1

Answer: A

After the initial deployment at a customer site, the master controller mode function was left enabled on the secondary controller after access points were primed and statically configured with primary, secondary, and tertiary controller failover. The guest anchor controller was also deployed in the architecture. The access points reboot after a power failure. Which controller will the access points associate to when the reboot process is completed?

A.    primary controller
B.    secondary controller
C.    tertiary controller
D.    guest anchor controller

Answer: B

A remote site has requested that its wireless client traffic egress at the switch port of the access point. Which access point mode can be used?

A.    FlexConnect
B.    local
C.    monitor
D.    rogue detector
E.    SE-Connect

Answer: A

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